step one: shed my stuff to see what’s left

I’ve begun to declutter over the past month.  I’ve come to a point where I feel like the stuff is cluttering my mind, not just my home anymore.  I’m no hoarder by any means,  I live in a small one bedroom apartment, probably 400 square feet(?), which isn’t bursting at the seams with every subscription of “Oprah” and  “Real Simple” magazine ever printed and 30 cats making homes in-between the piles. 

But I do have:  more clothing then one person will ever need bursting from my small closet, plastic tubs of merchandise I slowly sell on eBay/amazon stacked against my tiny living room wall, cabinets full of kitchen ware, a bathroom full of products…you get the drift.

It’s all too much.  I can’t think straight.  Maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis? (I’m 29 and single once again!)  Whatever this shift in consciousness is called, I feel like I can’t function amidst all this crap.  As if it is blocking me from being creative, motivated, inspired, adventurous!  Those are the things I crave.  

Let’s be real, I probably have a whole bunch of issues (we will leave those for another day and another post) other than all the stuff, but first things first, the stuff must go.  Will I have 100 things by the time I’m done? Probably not, but who knows? Anything’s possible at this point.  My life must change so here I go.

So my first task is to declutter in order to see what’s left when I don’t have to put all my time and energy into the stuff.  My method of madness:

Everyday I donate, recycle, or throw away: 1 clothing and 1 non-clothing item. 

Somedays I get rid of more, somedays just the 2 things, but the most important part is that I can stick with this.  This blog will be a journal of my journey to……well, I’m not sure yet.


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