this week’s decluttering, with pictures!

So I went a little crazy this week decluttering and in doing so,  have gotten together a pretty good amount of stuff to either donate, sell, or recycle.   I’m shaking slightly, thinking about some stuff I “might” need in the future.  But, you know what?  It feels fabulous!  Actually I think from here on out it might be a little tougher.  I’ve gone through my apartment a few times over the past few weeks clearing a lot of stuff out, and I think the remaining stuff it going to be harder to let go of.

I think I still need to pair down although my apartment is really starting to look far from cluttered, but far from “minimalistic”.  I have too many clothes and shoes still, and I think I can find more stuff to let go.  I think everyone shoud define minimalism in their own way and I plan to describe mine in a future post.  But for now, let’s get to the good stuff!  The pics of the stuff I said “peace out” to this week:

First off, here’s a pic of the stuff that will be on it’s way to Goodwill tomorrow to be donated.  It includes 3 big GAP bags full of clothing, shoes and accessories, and two boxes full of miscellanious household items including a biscotti jar which I do really like, but have never once filled with biscotti nor anything else.  I am not a lover of knick-knacks but I have managed to accumulate a few and the biscotti jar was a gigantic one taking up a whole shelf.

I’d like to also give a shout-out to my 3-dr Toyota Yaris liftback that can hold a pretty sweet amount of crap for being so sub-compact.

Next up are the broken electronics I’ve been holding onto because I felt bad throwing them into the landfill, yet never pursued another option of disposing them.  On Earth Day this year I saw a online offer from Best Buy saying they will recycle old electronics for free!  Jackpot!  So I’m taking my broken microwave (that I ownded only 1 year, can we say infuriating and wasteful?!), old cell phone, and broken digital camera.

The next two pictures are of stuff that I’m trying to sell.  The first picture is the stuff I’m trying to sell local and the second picture is stuff I’m going to put on ebay tonight.

I also shipped out 3 items that I sold online, I don’t have a photo for those though.  2 on ebay and 1 on Amazon.  Cash money baby!


It’s very liberating to let all this stuff go.  Less stuff, more space and time.  I highly recommend it!


One response to “this week’s decluttering, with pictures!

  • Jean-Pierre

    Good post.

    It’s nice that you are not just throwing away everything in bulk but rather trying to dispose of stuff the right way (ie. the electronics not in the garbage bin…).

    I am doing a bit the same with a pile of DVDs that I getting rid off.

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