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5 reasons to become a minimalist

1.  Create more physical and mental space.  Minimalism is generally about reducing possessions to only what you need.  Creating more physical space and in result, creating more mental space.  Pairing down possessions is the start of minimalism, but it’s really a state of mind.  Less possessions= more space, more time, more money, and more mental clarity and peace of mind.

2.  Gain control of your finances (and sanity).  I speak from personal experience on this.  Money issues can ruin relationships, send you into a state of constant worry or even provoke panic attacks.  Heading towards minimalism really does quiet your money noise and give you control over your financial situation.  Since I’ve chosen to live a more minimalist life, I have stopped obsessing about money.  I’m not on the trail of mindless consuming and buying everything I possibly can anymore.  Thus my money noise is fading day by day.  I still have a lot of debt and not a lot of savings, but I’m not stressed anymore about it.  Money is not my main focus.

3.  Go green!  When you move in the direction of a minimalist lifestyle, you automatically lighten your environmental impact.  Whether you have simply cut down on consuming stuff or have gone more extreme and sold your car, going green is inevitable with minimalism.

4.  Strengthen relationships.  When you don’t have so much stuff to obsess over, acquire, worry about, keep clean and organized, etc., more time is available to cultivate personal relationships.  Relationships are so much more important than material things.  Your stuff can’t hold your hand or laugh with you at the movies, or go for a hike (well technically I guess it can, but you know what I’m saying).  People are what matter, things are not.

5.  Find what you love.   What are you passionate about?  Do you even know?  It’s very typical for people to get so obsessed with acquiring money and things, that they can’t even answer those questions.  Once you have shifted your focus to a less-materialistic minimalist mindset, you will have the space and time to find your passions.   Take that yoga class, sign up for that art course, start the small business you’ve been dreaming about but never thought was possible.  Stop focusing on things, and start focusing on the present and find what you love.


be a minimalist with your words

A reminder to myself:

Stop talking and start listening.

When you find yourself about to gossip, say something negative, say something bad about someone else….just keep your mouth shut.

You don’t always have to speak.

Say only what will add value, bring positivity, provoke creativity and inspire.

Listen with sincerity and gratitude.

Do not just wait for your turn to speak.

Be a minimalist with your words.

why “barely” minimalist?

I started this blog and this path towards “barely” minimalism, because I’ve realized that I need some big changes in my life.  I’m not happy in my current situation and instead of waiting for something or someone to change that, I need to look inside myself and make the changes on my own.

I let go of someone I love recently.  It was the hardest decision I had to make, but it was the right one.  After he was gone, I was forced to focus on myself for the first time in a decade.  I took a hard look at my life and realized there were many things I had accepted as “reality” for so long, that I could change if I put the effort in.  I always wanted to change my habits, but I always put it off till next week, or next month.  But next week, or next month never came, I was still stuck doing the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, not committing to any changes.  Let’s be real, change can be hard until we decide enough is enough.  Life is too short to live an unfulfilling and unhappy life.

About a month or two ago, I came acrossed and started following some awesome blogs on minimalism, and different individuals living “minimalist” style lives.  I’ve studied simple living and frugality, but all I knew of minimalism was interior design related.  This idea of being a minimalist sparked a big interest inside of me and a lust to learn more.  This idea of living with only the necessities and weeding out all other clutter seemed alluring.  I have been living the opposite lifestyle for a while and it’s never made me happy.  I’ve spent so many hours and so much money shopping, it actually makes me cringe to think about it.  I actually had gotten to a point where I hated going shopping, and my ever-growing possessions were stressing me out as I felt I had no room to breathe as the drawers and closets got fuller and fuller.  But I kept doing it because it just seemed “normal” and buying stuff was supposed to make me happy, right?

It didn’t, it actually kept me stuck and unhappy.

In addition to the decluttering and downsizing, I also see minimalism as putting life and people before things.  It’s easy to focus on stuff, because it keeps us busy from having to deal with people, relationships, failed dreams, childhood issues, personal issues, etc.  Stuff can be an easy distraction from living life.  My life has been full of stuff, and lacking in close relationships, passions and well, living.

So I started the blog to chronicle my journey, make myself accountable, and maybe meet some like-minded people along the way out in the blog-o-sphere.  I titled it “barely minimalist” because at this point I am barely a minimalist.  I have too much stuff for one person still, I work in a corporate job in a cubicle, I make payments on a car,  I still like shopping for new things (on a much smaller scale), and I probably won’t be fitting all my possessions in a backpack and traveling around the world any time soon.  I’m doing minimalism my way.  I don’t believe there is one way to be a minimalist, and I’m on my path to finding my place in it.