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5 easy things you can do this week to become a minimalist

1.  Pick a drawer, a closet, a cabinet, a corner…some space in your home/garage/workplace.  Remove everything.  Only put back the essentials.  Recycle, donate, and/or toss the remaining.

2.  Clean out your purse or wallet.  It’s amazing how many receipts, pennies, rewards cards, and if you’re like me….exta junk!  can pile up inside.  After you’ve minimalized down to what you truly use (do you really need to be carrying around 50 pennies and 20 store discount cards?), vow to clean out unnecessary items every day.

3.  Unsubscribe from 5-10 email subscriptions.  Last week I took about 10 minutes and unsubscribed from about 20 email subscriptions from Borders Rewards, GAP, etc.  Not only does my inbox stay tidy, but I don’t have the urge to shop and spend money on unnecessary things.

4.  Practice meditation or yoga for 20 minutes.  What does this have to do with minimalism you ask?  My belief is that a minimalist lifestyle is not just about clearing out physical clutter, but mental clutter as well.  Yoga and mediation are fantastic ways of calming and clearing your mind.  My yoga classes are my therapy, my workout, my peace of mind.

5.  Pick one goal or task you would like to accomplish, and start working towards it.  No matter if this is small, like finally taking the donations to the Goodwill truck, or big like starting a home business, pick a goal, focus all your energy on it, and take steps to accomplish it.  This is the minimalist approach to accomplishing goals and it works.  Too many goals at once can be too much pressure and stress.  It can be very easy to throw up your hands and say “Forget it, I’ll never be able to accomplish all this!”.  Pick one goal, and start taking the necessary steps today.


free Yoga Zone instructional videos on Hulu

If you have been wanting to practice yoga, but don’t want to shell out the money for a class or dvds, check out these free Yoga Zone instructional videos on Hulu here.

Currently there are 33 videos to choose from so no matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate, there will be a video for you.

A few of them are instructed by Alan Finger, featured in the yoga documentary Enlighten Up! which you can also watch for free on Hulu.

Enjoy!  🙂

Meditation Prescribed by More Doctors, Study Finds – ABC News

Meditation Prescribed by More Doctors, Study Finds – ABC News.

Very interesting video on meditation and the health and happiness benefits of it.  Enjoy!  (Yes, I am a big believer in the powers of meditation and I do believe it fits well in my “barely minimalist” lifestyle.  More about this in another post coming soon :))